Live Like Water

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Live Like Water

Extra fine Jasmine Pearls Green Tea.

Exclusive Gourmet Tea: 

A sensual, ultra smooth, seductive and tender green tea with jasmine blossoms. If you love Jasmine green tea it doesn't get much better than this. Very,very fragrant. A gentle and mild tea that's a true pleasure to drink. 100% pure and natural whole leaf,  hand picked tea.Bought directly from the farmers.

Product of Taiwan

It is important to cool your water after it boils for this tea. The leaves are tender. Steep the tea lightly for about 30 seconds, then re-steep when you are ready. My preference is to use 2 to 3 teaspoons and steep lightly for about 20 seconds and then decant. Then Re-Steep 2 to  3 times at the same temperature. For the final steeping allow the tea to soak in the water; you can extend the time at this point to get as much out of the leaves as possible. Use hotter water at this point. Remember you create your ideal tea taste by he amount of tea you use, the temperature of the water and the length of time you steep the tea. Don't be afraid to experiment.  



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