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Saejak: Organic Korean Green Tea 2nd flush

Live Like Water

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This premium Korea Green Tea is a special treat because it is grown wild and is processed by hand. It is especially suited for those of you who like a mild green tea. The 2nd flush or pick is called Saejak meaning sparrows tongue. This is the 2nd picking and the leaves are fine and smaller than the following harvests. This is an excellent choice for those who know and appreciate Korean Green Tea. Some say the scent is of freshly mowed grass, which is pleasant, however the unique taste comes from the fact these teas are baked and not steamed like their Japanese counterparts. I hope you discover the wonderful world these amazing wild green teas for yourselves.
Steeping. Korean Green Tea is delicate. The leaves are fine and the water temperature should be cooled to 50 to 70 c ( I tend to use hotter water and a shorter tea steeping time to yield the infusion quicker and create a more robust taste)  Do boil your water first, and then allow it to cool. This is why Korean tea sets have a separate bowl for cooling the water. Steep the tea between 20 and  30 seconds and then decant the tea into the bowl you used to cool the water before serving the tea into individual tea cups. This ensures that the tea taste is even and balanced. Korean Green Tea is not meant to be served piping hot. By following these steps you can get several great steepings from your tea. I suggest you use two to three teaspoons of tea. Of course this is a matter of taste. If you want to make one cup of tea use 1 heaping teaspoon and steep for about 5 minutes. Remember you create your ideal tea taste by he amount of tea you use, the temperature of the water and the length of time you steep the tea. Don't be afraid to experiment. 
Net weight 80 grams 2.82 OZ

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