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Because Any Old Bag Won't Do!

Posted by Michael Cichon on

This blog post is inspired by a photographer friend who has been steeping an Irish Breakfast tea bag. There are tea bags, and then there are tea bags. Not to knock them, I grew up drinking Red Rose and loved to collect the figurines they used to have based on the nursery rhymes. The truth is most commercial bags are not even floor sweepings, as the saying goes. You will always get better results from a premium loose leaf tea, and for convenience you can always buy empty tea sacs and make your own bags. There are other alternatives and it all depends on you and your energy levels. Do explore metal tea balls, "coffee presses" a la Bodem, and many other options if you really want to enjoy a great cup of tea. When we were visiting China to explore the White Teas we would sample tea with the tea growers by just adding hot water into a glass with tea leaves. I do sell a high mountain Oolong Tea in tea bag form. The difference is the size of the leaf chunks as well as the quality. We had bought the broken tea leaves from one of the tea farmers we buy from.  Anyways, all of this to say that not any old bag will do - but that's my opinion. Get loose with your teas!


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