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Live Like Water Teas.

My name is Michael Cichon I am the owner and founder of Live Like Water Teas. I invite you to drink from the source and enjoy the best cup of tea. The teas I sell are fresh and unblended. I select and buy my teas seasonally and directly from reputable independent farmers and tea shops. I have been creating my trusted network since 1997 and with each year the bond gets stronger.

I specialize in teas from Taiwan and South Korea and focus on offering the basics: Green, Oolong and Black Teas. There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Every tea I sell is delicious so trust your tongue. When I was selling my teas in Chinatown, Vancouver, I was challenged by a woman from Taiwan who said:” I don’t trust a white face selling me tea from my country.” And so I steeped her some High Mountain Tea from Li Shan and made the sale on the spot. I had to have the best tea and the best price if I, a Polish Canadian, dressed in traditional Korean clothes was going to sell tea to Asians in Chinatown!


I invite you all to taste the difference and join my tea family that dates back to 1997! Tea is about relationships, and since my business is built on word of mouth, I make sure my teas are on the tips of your tongues. Drink From the Source ... Live Like Water.


Michael Cichon
making the world a better place ... one steep at a time. 


If you have and questions feel free to contact me at

And for those who are curious ... or remember me from the Chinatown days click on the link for photos ... Enjoy!


Live Like Water Tea Shop Chinatown Vancouver