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If you are searching for superior quality teas, Live Like Water, invites you to drink from the source. Our teas deliver a satisfying taste create loyal, repeat customers, from the very first steep. That’s because we offer our tea family a 100% real, fresh, un-blended gourmet loose leaf teas; and the result is a fantastic tea drinking experience that quickly spreads to family and friends.

We select and buy our teas seasonally and directly from reputable independent farmers. Afterwards, some our teas are expertly baked a second time according to our specific times and temperatures to bring out the full bodied flavor and character of the tea. This extra step also reduces the amount of moisture in the tea leaves, thus giving you more net weight value for your money.

Quality, price, and the best teas available, depend on our relationships with reputable and respected tea farmers, and that is why we are able to bring you some of the finest high mountain teas from estate tea farms. For the past ten years I have been specializing and selling some of the best Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean green and Oolong teas, and I hope to share my love, knowledge and selection of teas all tea drinkers. Here, you need not feel overwhelmed or intimidated. We sell the best sellers and the teas we can turn over each season. Just because companies advertises more than 160 different varieties of tea it doesn’t mean they’re fresh or worth the inflated prices some tea shops charge for these low grade teas. With us no matter what tea you pick its always a winner. Our tea standard is based on selling to our Asian clients from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea.

Trust your tongue. I remember when I was selling my teas in Chinatown, Vancouver, how I was challenged by a woman from Taiwan who said:” I don’t trust a white face selling me tea from my country.” So steeped her some High Mountain Tea from Li Shan and made the sale on the spot. I knew that I had to have the best tea and the best price if I, a Polish Canadian, dressed in traditional Korean clothes was going to sell tea in Chinatown! So I invite you all to taste the difference and join our tea family. For us, tea is about relationships, and since our business is built on word of mouth, we make sure our teas are on the tips of your tongues. So Drink From the Source and Live Like Water.


Michael Cichon
making the world a better place ... one steep at a time. 


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And for those who are curious ... or remember me from the Chinatown days click on the link for photos ... Enjoy!