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Get Fresh With Your Tea

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I think it is extremely important to get fresh with your tea. Really fresh. You'll be surprised at the results. Tea was never meant to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. That is why fresh tea is so important. So many tea companies buy large quantities of tea from tea brokers, who in turn buy it from tea farmers. In the end, you don't know how old your tea is - how many birthdays it has had. Once these teas are bought by tea shops they stay in their containers or packaging until they are sold.  If you haven't developed your pallet or experienced fresh teas, then chances are you don't know the difference. But, once you've experienced fresh teas then you'll taste and know the difference. I hope to provide you with this experience. Drink from the source: Live Like Water. P.s. this is a picture of this seasons Korean Green tea (3rd pick/flush)

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