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Kyushu Japanese Matcha Green Tea (Medium)

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Experience this medium Matcha from Kyushu Japan. The owner of the
Busan Tea Shop who supplies me had this to say about his Matcha.

"The Matcha I have is from Kyushu in Japan.
It's located in southeast, far from Tokyo and Uji. It means that this area is much safer than Uji area because the tea farm in Kyushu is the farthest from Fukushima where nuclear power plant accident occurred.
The Japanese may believe that the best Matcha is from Uji area. Indeed Uji Matcha has powerful reputation. Most of Uji Matcha has what the Japanese consider an "umami taste"
(umami can be translated as "pleasant savory taste ..." source wiki) like the taste you can get from Katsuobushi (dried bonito).
Japanese people really like the umami taste a lot, but for Koreans, if the umami taste is too strong, we feel it to be greasy. We prefer the Kyushu matcha to Uji one.
Personally, I cannot comment on the Uji Matcha but can on the Kyushu Matcha which I like very much. "
So I really hope you really enjoy this Matcha as much as I have been!
Medium Matcha 40 grams