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Wild Organic Korean Green Tea:1st Flush Woojeon:

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Organic Wild Korean Green Tea
A very gentle green tea with a clean sweet taste.
This is the best and smoothest green tea you will ever have the pleasure of drinking! Woojeon is the first flush or pick. Woojeon means before the rains and is harvested in early spring.
This premium Korean Green Tea is a special treat because it is grown wild and is processed by hand. It is especially suited for those of you who like an exquisitely smooth and mild green tea, full of goodness! These leaves are fine and delicate just like the taste. This is an excellent choice for those who know and appreciate Korean Green Tea and know how to steep it properly.

Also this Korean Green Tea is a special treat because it is grown wild and is processed by hand. The tea farmer told me that his tea has more minerals and a fuller tea taste compared to those teas that are grown in rows and harvested with machinery.

South Korea. Mt. Jiri.
Net weight 40 grams 1.41 OZ
Youro Tea Farm. The Korean Government issues permits and certifies that the land is and farming practices are organic.

Steeping Suggestions:
Use Fresh Water. After the water boils allow it to cool  60 c 140 F

Choose your favorite tea pot. Rinse with hot water.

Add 2 to 3 teaspoons. Steep to taste 2 to 5 min. Re-steep your leaves several times.

Tea Tips:

Aroma Therapy
Be sure to take a moment to inhale the aroma of the tea.

Create your Tea
You create your ideal tea taste, by choosing the amount of tea you use, the temperature of the water and the length of time you steep your tea. Patience makes for the perfect cup of tea. Make the experience your own, there is no right answer ... Live Like Water ...

Korean Green Tea is delicate, fine tea. In Korean it is called Jaksul Nokcha which translates to sparrows beak The Korean way to steep this tea is to cool the water temperature to 70 c

Korean Tea Sets: Traditional Korean tea sets have a separate bowl in which to cool the water and then decant the infusion. Warm up the pottery with hot water. Add 1 to 3 teaspoons of tea.

Steep the tea approximately 20 seconds and then decant the tea into the bowl and serve into the tea cups. This ensures that the tea taste is even and balanced. You can increase the time for subsequent steepings.

Korean Green Tea is not meant to be served piping hot. By following these steps you can get several great infusions from your tea.