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Classic Taiwan Oolong Tea
Classic Taiwan Oolong Tea
Classic Taiwan Oolong Tea
Classic Taiwan Oolong Tea

Classic Taiwan Oolong Tea

Weight 50 grams

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Classic Oolong Tea

A fine classic Oolong tea from Taiwan. A bold roasted tea taste with a sweet finish. Smooth drinking and yields many infusions. Perfect after meals, as it helps with digestion. Known to be the fat burner / slimming tea.


Origin: Taiwan.
100% pure unblended natural loose leaf tea.
Harvested at 900 meters.
50 grams 1.76 OZ

Steeping Suggestions:
Use Fresh Water. After the water boils allow it to cool slightly 90c to 95 c (194-203F)

Choose your favorite tea pot. Rinse with hot water.

Add 1 to 3 teaspoons. Steep to taste 2 to 5 min. Re-steep your leaves several times.

Tea Tips:
Traditionally Taiwanese Teas are steeped in small tea pots with 7 to 9 grams of tea (approximately 3 heaping teaspoons). The infusions are strong, but maintain a natural tea sweetness. After rinsing the leaves in hot water steeping time is about 30 to 45 seconds. Steep to taste. You can re-steep the leaves multiple times

Create your Tea Taste
You create your ideal tea taste, by choosing the amount of tea you use, the temperature of the water and the length of time you steep your tea. Patience makes for the perfect cup of tea. Make the experience your own, there is no right answer ... Live Like Water ... and Enjoy Your Tea

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